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Why you need to buy Instagram Views

Relatively recently, the social platform introduced a new function called Instagram stories. This is a video or photo that is taken here and now, which adds color to each publication. All uploaded materials are stored for 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. At the top of the Instagram window there appears a round icon with a pink trim of the person on whom the profile is signed. This means that the user has posted the publication in the story and it can be viewed by clicking on the avatar.

Tips for creating stories in Instagram:

  • Do not forget to specify a location when creating stories.
  • Set up hashtags, but know the measure, a large number will repel the audience.
  • Encourage people to subscribe to the profile in the video, but do it in context. 
  • You can buy instagram views, and the story will hang in the Instagram top.

None of the Instagram profile promotion can do without increasing the following parameters: subscribers, likes, comments, views. Promotion allows for a short period of time to significantly increase the authority of the page, its popularity and recognition. A large number of views allows:

  • Get promoted account in the top Instagram.
  • Promotion increases the chance of appearance in the recommendations on geolocation.
  • Increases the profile rating in the Instagram search by request.

Why buy Instagram Story Views

  1. It’s an impression. The first impression of the profile is really important. However, how can the number of views affect your subscribers if they don’t see it? Answer: Nothing. They are directly affected by the content itself. But a statistical parameter, such as storytelling, affects your potential partners. This is a way to prove that you are being watched and interested in you. And if your statistics will be quite effective, there is a chance to agree on mutual advertising with any brand or blogger. Of course, there are other indicators of statistics, but if we are talking about advertising in the stories, it is these views and play a major role.
  2. A chance to attract more people. If a person has a lot of subscriptions, there is a chance that he will not see your story. The exact algorithm of the sequence of stories in the tape today is known only to developers. However, it is believed that in addition to the chronology of the publications themselves and your personal priority among accounts, the relevance and popularity of the story plays an important role. Instagram as if understands that if a lot of people watched the story, then this user should see it. This increases the chance that it will be watched.
  3. Convenience. Soclikes service provides different ways to pay for the order, for the maximum convenience of our customers. After registration, the service will be performed as quickly as possible. The interface of the site is clear and simple. In addition, you can visit our site from your computer or laptop, as well as from your phone, so Soclikes is the most convenient way to promote your social networks.
  4. Guarantee and reliability. Soclikes guarantees the performance of its work as quickly and as efficiently as possible. You can always write to our support service, if you have any questions or problems, so worry about the reliability and integrity of the service is not necessary. We try for you!
  5. Time. If you need good enough statistics, paid promotion is the best way to get them. You will not have to worry about numbers under stories or any other post. We will do everything for you. And you will be able to devote time to the most important thing in the promotion of the account – the content. Think of and create new publications as long as your performance is growing.
  6. Conversion. Current and popular story can significantly increase the conversion, or attendance, of your profile.