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Tips on how to do live streaming on Instagram

There are many useful tools to help you grow your Instagram account. For example, if you need to get a lot of followers quickly, you can buy instagram followers.

If you want to engage with your followers, you should do a live stream. For those who are planning to launch their first live broadcast, or have been actively using this tool for a long time, we want to give some more recommendations on how to make live broadcasts better from a PR point of view.

Basic tips

  1. Choose topics based on your expertise. You should know exactly what you’re talking about, and the information should be of interest to subscribers.
  2. Create collaborations. Invite experts in related categories to your live shows. This will not only help diversify your broadcast, but also help you “exchange” a loyal audience.
  3. Prepare morally. Be prepared for the fact that you’ll have to answer users’ questions quickly, and sometimes even handle negativity.
  4. Take care of picture and sound quality. Before you start broadcasting, make sure that the application settings and resolutions are set correctly.
  5. Make sure that the viewer gets a quality picture with the right atmosphere.
  6. Choose the right time for the broadcast. Statistics show that users are most active on weekdays, so in most cases the best time to air is on a weekday. However, this is not always the case, so track your users’ activity in the statistics to choose the best time for broadcasting.

Live broadcasts on Instagram help in organizing communication and increase audience loyalty. Thanks to the functionality of the social network, you don’t even need special equipment or additional programs to access the online broadcast from anywhere in the world. But some preparation is still required if you want your broadcast to be high-quality and your viewers to be happy with it.

How to see a list of viewers

After your broadcast is complete, you’ll see a list of viewers on the screen. If you’re happy with your broadcast, you can take a screenshot, share this information with users, and thank everyone for participating. You can get more information in the statistics section. When you finish your broadcast, the “Share” option will become available. Tap the icon to make the live broadcast, like Story, available for 24 hours. You can also delete the recording immediately at your discretion.

How to host a joint live broadcast

You can host your broadcast together with an invited guest, making it more dynamic and interesting for your followers. To invite another participant, click the two smiley icons at the bottom of the screen and select the user you’d like to invite. The selected user will receive an invitation, which he or she can accept or decline at his or her discretion. If the invitation is accepted, the screen will be conditionally divided into two parts – you will be in one part and the invited guest will be in the other. This will help you to attract the attention of followers on instagram and make the live broadcast more interesting for viewers.