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How to record sales of goods in trade

Trade is a business activity aimed at selling goods to buyers. Trade can be wholesale (the goods are sold in large batches) and retail – that is, unit sales. As in any other type of business, an integral part of trade is the system of goods accounting. With its help, the owners of retail outlets are able to track the movement of funds invested in the business. Accounting protects against theft, allows you to monitor work processes and assess the level of performance as a whole.

Methods of accounting for the sale of goods

All trade organizations and individual entrepreneurs involved in trade activities have switched to automated accounting systems. The only exceptions are those who carry out street trading and sell goods in hard-to-reach areas (remote settlements, without internet). On the basis of the above, accounting for the sale of goods in trade can be done in several ways. Let us describe each of them.

Summarized way of accounting for sales

Created to control cash flows. Such accounting can be done manually, by keeping a notebook or a table created in Excel program. This method allows you to track the performance of the store in individual periods. The first column shows the expenses for the period, the second column shows the sales data, the third column shows the amounts of revenues, and the fourth column calculates the net profit. It is defined as the difference between revenue and expenses. Such accounting, of course, is not applicable to stores with a large assortment of goods. And in connection with the latest legislative innovations, it can be carried out in remote locations or when trading on the street.

Analytical method of sales accounting

This is a more detailed control of trading activities. It consists not only in tracking the overall financial performance (profit, costs). This method of record-keeping allows us to analyze all operations, starting from purchase and finishing with the moment of realization. For this purpose it is necessary to fix purchasing expenses and sales receipts in a cut of each commodity name. It will reveal production bringing the greatest profit. It is possible to complicate a task, and to fix the employee who has made sales, thus to define who from the personnel works more effectively. Certainly, the analytical way of the account is difficult enough as it assumes conducting the control of a set of factors influencing profit. A person is not always able to cope with such a task. For such accounting specialized program decisions are developed.

Modern automated systems

They allow for easy accounting of the sale of goods regardless of the specifics of the goods. Such services greatly simplify the processes of goods receipt and sale. In addition, the software allows to conduct analytical research in the context of various product groups and units of goods in order to identify “illiquid” positions, or vice versa, products that are in maximum demand and give the greatest profit. To start keeping records with the help of the automated system , it is necessary to choose the equipment most suitable to the sales volumes and breadth of the product range. If the store is small, a PC or tablet is enough. Then in stages, you will need:

The biggest advantage of automated accounting systems is that with their help the owner of the point of sale can carry out comprehensive control of the store, even when far from the point of sale. In addition, such software does not require additional space for data storage (as it used to be, accounting books are stored for several years), the system stores all information in a database, which is very secure.