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How to reach the top 10 of Instagram accounts with hashtags

Hashtags are semantic navigators; they tell you what your content is about. There are several varieties online: high-frequency, medium-frequency and low-frequency hashtags. Their frequency depends on how many users indicate them when posting. If you’re a promoter, you’re probably thinking, “The more tags I list, the more likely I am to get to the top of Instagram by hashtags, at least some of them.” These tags are good when used in moderation, optimally combining both high- and low-frequency tags.

Before using modern tools and our tips, you should also make sure your account looks presentable. For one thing, this will help rank all of your publications higher. On the other hand, Instagram users who will go from the top to your profile will be able to see that it is popular. If you don’t have many followers at the moment, you can acquire them here

Rules for using hashtags

When preparing your publication, you need to familiarize yourself with a set of rules for choosing hashtags:

  1. Research popular and appropriate tags for your publication.
  2. Check for competitors. You can also see what other tags popular authors use. To do this, click on the Lupa icon in the app, add a grid in the input field, and write the wording you’re interested in. You can select the best publications, accounts with that title, tags and places.
  3. Choose about 30 appropriate tags for yourself, by the way this is the maximum number allowed per post. Save this list, you will need them when you change hashtags.
  4. You can use different services to select them.
  5. It is better to add no more than 10 tags to each publication, but change them every 5 minutes in the first hours after publication, using the list you have prepared.
  6. If you do not rule out the possibility of taking a risk, you can add non-thematic hashtags. But even in this case, it is better to choose tags that are used very often by your target audience.
  7. It is not recommended to add hashtags in the comments to the publication, it looks very unprofessional.
  8. Remember that if your activity is aimed at a foreign audience, then the tags should be in a foreign language.
  9. Be sure to come up with your own hashtag.

Constantly monitor what hashtags are used by people who managed to get to the Top 10 Instagram accounts by the tag you are interested in, it is possible that you will find some regularities and you will also be able to achieve your goal.

Does the number of followers and activity on the page affect your ranking

As you probably know, Instagram has an internal search that allows you to view not only publications by hashtags, but also the accounts of users who cover a relevant topic. In other words, if you’re looking for an atelier in a particular city, you don’t need to find publications with a similar hashtag, but a profile. Therefore, many people who promote businesses or services online are interested in placing their account at the top of the list of results. Of course, many factors also influence the formation of this ranking, so you need to consider them and determine whether you can reach the top of Instagram by followers.

There is competition in any field. And it is the number of followers that will help you get ahead of your rivals. No matter how you look at it, this characteristic indicates the authority of the profile, so you can overtake your competitors and get to the top of Instagram with a higher probability. By yourself in a short time it is very difficult to gain a large audience so you can apply for a nominal increase in this indicator. Of course, buying american instagram followers is considered a gray method of promotion, but if you will buy Instagram followers on a reliable service, you can be sure – the system will not suspect anything wrong.